Ogunwole Oluwakayode

Ogunwole_1A final year student of the Department of Chemistry: Firstly, I came into Covenant University to study chemical engineering, but I was admitted into Industrial Chemistry. As time went, I got to understand that chemistry is the basic principle of our living. So I got interested in chemistry because it explains how our day to day activities in life are connected with the world of chemistry, how everything in life is based and produced from chemistry.

So I chose chemistry later on so as to find better means to improve product quality and develop materials in a way that will ameliorate and cater for the needs of man, and to ensure that products are of the right quality. I’m specifically going into paint making and I will make sure that the paints produced are made from very fine and high quality raw materials.

Abang_1Abang Bemkpbo Oteh

A 400 level student of the Department of Chemistry. Covenant University speaks; I decided to study Industrial Chemistry because I discovered that life wouldn’t be a place worth living without chemistry and its application to man and his environment, and I thought about this when I discovered that I loved handling glasswares.

Chemistry has applications ranging from pharmaceuticals, food and drugs and this is important to healthy living. Also, in materials chemistry involving textiles, wears and cosmetics. Chemistry has made major impact in the quality of health care products. These few reasons among others informed my interest to study Industrial Chemistry.


Ajibulu Gbemisola Deborah

In her words, a final year student of the Department of Chemistry, Covenant University: Right from secondary school, I have always had a strong interest in chemistry due to the fact that it deals with the study of matter, and as I was told back then, everything on earth is matter and thus everything on earth is Chemistry. I was of course attracted to the science behind how everything on earth functions and thus I naturally moved to the field of chemistry. Throughout my years of studying chemistry, my knowledge has been so broadened and I have learnt more than I could have imagined. Though it had its down moments, I can boldly say that it was worth it, and if given another chance, I would choose chemistry again.

Adeogun_1Adeogun Ganiu Olalekan

A current final year student of Industrial Chemistry has this to say about his experience in CU: Firstly, Covenant University wasn’t my first choice neither was chemistry my preferred course. I chose chemistry because I did not make the cut off mark for chemical engineering, but later, I fell in love with chemistry after finding out that chemistry is not what people think it is. I believe chemistry is a door that opens other doors, with numerous potentials and opportunities for the betterment of the world at large.

Kudos to all our great lecturers like Dr. Ajanaku, my supervisor, Dr. Siyanbola, Dr. Ajani, Mr. Cyril, Dr. Ogunniran, Dr. Adekoya etc. I thank God for bringing me thus far.

JeanineJeannie Amadedon Ogheneyenrowo

A final year student of chemistry at Covenant University bears her mind: Chemistry is the study of matter and energy and the interactions between them. The understanding of chemistry helps us to know the world around us. Cooking is chemistry, in the sense that all the ingredients, for example salt (NaCl) having sodium and chlorine, so chemistry is everywhere including what we feel, touch, taste and smell. This is the reason why I chose chemistry because it entails so many things that is so interesting.

JessicaIsaac Jessica

A final year student of Chemistry Department, Covenant University has this to say: The journey so far has been an enlightening one, currently I am carrying out a project on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in traditionally smoked fish in our surrounding local communities, citing their health hazard mainly their carcinogenicity.

Showing great interest in chemistry throughout my senior secondary school I always knew chemistry was for me. Chemistry to me is the re-creation and study of what happens and why it happens in nature.



Ikebudu Jude currently a 400 level studying Industrial Chemistry. I decided to study Chemistry in Covenant University because Chemistry is related to everyday life e.g. the food we eat (Food Chemistry), the cloth we wear (Textile Chemistry) and the surrounding we live (Environmental Chemistry). Chemistry is the science of life and all these are been studied in Chemistry at Covenant University. The University offers the best Chemistry courses in Nigeria. As an aspiring Chemist and Scientist, Covenant University is the best place to go.


Fadairo Afolake Ebun

Fadairo Afolake Ebun a student of Department of Chemistry, College of Science and Technology: Studying Industrial Chemistry has helped me in the wide frame of knowledge relating to environmental analysis, inorganic and organic chemistry. Studying chemistry has affected my perception towards life in a positive manner in the sense that am using the course to build up my own company.