a. Medicinal Chemistry Group

  1. Dr. R. C. Mordi
  2. Dr. O. O. Ajani
  3. Dr. J. A. O. Olugbuyiro
  4. Mrs. C. O. Ajanaku
  5. Mrs. I. O. Olanrewaju

Organic/Medicinal Chemistry

Research Focus: Mediucinal Chemistry is a multifaceted discipline that encompasses synthetic organic, natural products chemistry, enzymology, chemical biology, structural biology and computational methods, allof which are aimed at the discovery and development of new therapeutic agents. Medicinal Chemistry is by nature an interdisciplinary science and practitioners have a strong backgroung in organic Chemistry, coupled with a broad understanding of biological concepts related to cellular drug targets. Scientists in the field are well positioned to work as part of an interdisciplinary team that uses chemical structural principles to design effective drugs and diagnostic agents.

Relevance: The pharmaceutical industry continues to deal with challenges to improve productivity in getting new drugs to market. Industrialization of drug discovery greatly increased the capacity of companies to screen new compounds, thereby increasing demand for lead-like compounds beyond the capacities of organic and medicinal chemistry departments to respond. The advent of combinatorial chemistry satisfied the demand for more compounds, but overall results in terms of productivity remained disappointing. Based on experience with combinatorial chemistry, pharmaceutical companies have evolved new strategies and methods for increasing the quality, and not just the quantity of their compound libraries. Improvements have been made in downstream hit-to-lead and lead optimization as well.

b. Center for Energy, Environment and Climate Change



Area of specialization

Dr. Benson Nsikak Chemistry Marine Environmental Chemistry
Dr. Timothy Anake Mathematics Computational Mathematics/Time Series Analysis
Prof. Mabel Akinyemi Physics Atmospheric physics
Dr. Oluwatayo Architecture Built Environment
Dr. D. O. Omole Civil Engineering
Dr. Comrad A. Omonhinmin Biological sciences Plant Science/Vegetation
Prof. Kolawole Ajanaku Chemistry Waste Management/Public Health
Dr. Isaac Ayanda Biological sciences Hydrbiology


The center for energy, environment and climate change in Covenant University, Ota assiduously aims to bridge the divide between the town and gown-the principle that education should contribute to human well-being beyond the walls of the university. Toward this end, all CENEC researchers will participate in a wide range of activities to connect research and university teaching with public decision-making and community education. Beyond these research-driven outreach activities, center for Energy, Environment and Climate Change is poised to design and manage the Oyedepo Distinguished Lecture Series, a high-profile series of talks geared toward public engagement with current energy, environment and climate change issues. It will be funded by a generous donation from donors, international agencies, and in cooperation with the special Climate Change Unit, Federal Ministry of Environment, the Management of Covenant University, and the College of Science and Technology. We look forward to welcoming a handful of National and international leaders in Environmental Science, Engineering, Business, and Policy to the center to deliver lectures. Each visit will be well advertised and duly promoted as a major event to facilitate public attendance and engagement, lectures will be held at our Africa Development Center, followed by a reception to promote informal networking and discussion.

c. Environmental Chemistry Research Group (ENCREG)

Name Area of Specialization E-mail
Prof. Kolawole O.  Ajanaku Waste Management
Dr. Benson Nsikak Marine Environmental Chemistry
Dr. Akan B. Williams Marine Environmental Chemistry/Toxicology
Dr. Winifred U. Anake Environmental Chemistry
Mrs. Abiola Edobor-Osoh Biophysical Chemistry


  1. Identification and budgeting of elemental fluxes.
  2. Documentation of short and long term variations of chemical variables.
  3. Modeling of marine ecosystems.
  4. Research projects and monitoring tasks to be highly interdisciplinary.

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